Ok, so we all know that everyone is obsessed with cell phones nowadays, which can do everything from getting online, watching videos, and yes, even making calls.  But what if you could buy a device that let you watch TV anytime, anywhere?  And it all is done through cell phone signals.

The FLO TV device can do that.  A 3.5 inch wide touchscreen makes this new technology look promising.  I first saw ads for this device during the Superbowl and thought that it had potential.  After researching it a bit more, and finding this review online, it seems like FLO TV could take off any day.

PROS: Portable, television that can be played basically anywhere?! Count me in! Plus the battery life is a decent 5 hours and the screen is larger than cell phone and iPod screens.

CONS: According to that USA Today article (linked above), the tv only gets 20 channels, only 10 of which are available right now.  Plus the device costs $250, which includes  the first 6 months of service.  After that it’s $15/month to keep up service.

Overall:  I think this will become a hit, but not for a few years.  Once the price drops and the selection of channels increases then this will be a hit, but for now people will want to just continue using their iPods and looking up shows on youtube.  I give it a 3 out of 5 gigs, for it’s potential. This will be automatically boosted up to a 5+ if the company sends me a free trial *winkwink*