I remember when I graduated from high school I wanted a really good digital camera for college.  I got a Panasonic DMC-TZ3, which is a pretty good “point and click” digital camera.  It’s been through the Winter Classic (outdoor hockey game), countless college adventures, and even a trip to Canada, producing some great pictures of some awesome memories I have.

But recently, I decided I wanted more.

I started looking into DSLR, or Digital Single Lens Reflex, cameras.  And my god I almost had a heart attack when I saw the prices.  I mean, my Panasonic wasn’t cheap, but $700+ for a camera??? But I did my research, deciding what features I wanted (high frames/second- making taking action shots easier, a long battery, etc.) and ending up biting the bullet and buying a Canon Rebel XSi (for around $550 because it is refurbished).

Though I take pictures for the Stylus and feel like the camera will be really helpful with that, DSLRs are becoming great cameras for anyone.  The ability to self focus, deciding your own depth of field, etc. makes this camera a great investment.  Plus, this camera will be used by me for manyyyyy years.

Here’s a picture of my new baby:

Here’s an example of what I meant by “depth of field”. In the first picture, pretty much everything in is focus, like a regular “point and click” digital camera, having a large depth of field:

In this second picture, I can focus in on just the ice tea bottle, having a small depth of field, as only that is in focus.

You may be saying, “Why would I ever need that?” Well, you may not, but sometimes it’s fun to take artsy pictures to show your friends. I’m not a  “professional photographer,” but I know I sure can’t wait to take some great pictures of my puppy. Cameras like DSLRs are a bit more expensive then regular digital cameras, but they typically last longer, have more settings to adjust to get the perfect picture, and are a lot better quality of image.  If you have even the slightest interest in taking photos, I’d suggest at least looking into a DSLR as your next camera.

My next investment? Probably an external hard drive to hold all the pictures I’m taking! My poor laptop won’t be able to handle this!