This image could be a thing of the past if Powermat has its way (image courtesy of stock.xchng)

As I returned home this week for Spring Break (yay!) I ran into one of my pet peeves- all of my cords decided to wind themselves into one knotted ball of wires.  Now, this wasn’t too big of a problem for me right now, but I’m flying to Boston later in the week and am just dreading having it happen on the plane.

In steps the Powermat.

The Powermat, a nifty new contraption that eliminates cords, would be perfect for me, especially while traveling. The way this works is that you attach a Powermat receiver to the back of your appliance your cellphone, iPod, Nintendo DS, GPS, whatever.  When your appliance needs to be recharged, simply place it on the charging mat and voila!

So how does it work? According to Amazon, “Powermat utilizes principles of magnetic induction combined with Powermat proprietary patent-pending technology to safely and effectively provide power to electronic devices. Powermat transforms surfaces including walls, tables, floors and desktops into safe, simple, and efficient conductors of energy.” What does that mean? I’m not quite sure either, but I think it basically transforms magnetic energy into a charge for the appliances.

The mat not only lets you charge wirelessly, but has USB ports for charging incase your device won’t recognize the Powermat for some reason.

All in all I can see this being popular for businessmen (or others that travel a lot and need constant access to their offices/family/etc.). For your average person? Not so much right now. I’d love to try one, but I’m not willing to shell out $85-100 for the charging dock (there’s multiple color choices along with portable and home/office docking station options) and $35-40 per receiver right now. If iPods/cell phones start having receivers built-in, then I’ll be the first to sign up.