In just one week, Panasonic’s 3D television has sold out. The first 3D TV to hit markets, Panasonic’s 50-inch television cost around $3,000, according to ABC news.

Recently, 3D technology has become the “it” thing, as films like “Avatar” and the upcoming Pixar film “Dragon” feature the technology.  There is talk of more and more films getting the 3D treatment, including “Toy Story 3”, which comes out later this year.  Luckily, director Judd Apatow is against this move, stating on Jay Leno last week that “I’m pretty sure nobody wants to see Jason Segal’s [private parts] in 3D. I’m pretty sure of that!”

While Apatow joked about the newly hot technology, it is a very real possibility that every film and TV show will be in 3D soon.  These televisions, with makers like Sony and Panasonic, can operate in both 2D and 3D mode, allowing viewers to choose their 3D watching.

I personally think it’d be pretty cool to have 3D TV and films in my house.  I love 3D and the only thing that stopped me from watching “Avatar” was that it is 3 hours long.  There’s no way I can sit still that long!  As for “Toy Story 3,” I’ll be the first in line.

Too bad you can't just steal these from the movie theatres for your 3D TV! (photo from stock.xchng)

There is one major snag with these new 3D television sets.  The glasses aren’t included.  And they aren’t your typical red/blue cardboard glasses either.  One pair of these glasses cost around $150.  According to Panasonic’s Web site, two pairs of glasses are included with the TV, which is better than what I originally thought it’d be (no glasses included).  Still, if you have a family, you’re going to have to shell out major dough to enjoy having a 3D theatre in your house.