Yes! Yes! Yes!! Apple is finally fixing one of it’s biggest problems in the iTouch/iPhone!

Multitasking is coming to the iPod world! Multitasking refers to being able to switch between applications and use one while others keep doing other tasks in the background.  For example, multitasking would allow a user to listen to the radio using the Pandora application, and check their Facebook using the Facebook application at the same time.  While some apps have tried to incorporate their own version of this (Flycast Radio has an option to open a web browser page within the radio player), a consistent multitasking tool will be fantastic.

Just as I was getting excited about this though, bad news was delivered: the upgrade won’t work for older iTouchs/iPhones.  I have an original iTouch.  It’s fantastic and frankly, not that different from the newer iTouches.  I’m not planning on buying a new one any time soon because it still does it’s job.

Why would Steve Jobs not want to incorporate multitasking into the older iPods? I know I would be more than willing to pay for the upgrade to get the feature.  The only reasoning I’ve found was that it’s possible multitasking runs too slow on older iPods due to less RAM.

Ok, so it’s a little slow.  Let us decide for ourselves Mr. Jobs.  I personally would be okay with it moving slowly if I got to use multiple apps at once.

Of course, if you’re tech savvy, you can make your iPod multitasking friendly if you want to.  This requires changing a line of code in the N82AP.plist file, which implies you have root access to your iPod through jailbreak.  So basically, if you know what any of that means, you can do it.  Or, if you’re like, you’re stuck with a non-multitasking iTouch.

I suppose I’ll just wait until my iTouch dies and I have to buy a new one.  Multitasking would be fantastic, but isn’t stopping me from not using the iTouch right now.  It’d be cool to listen to the radio and play games/surf the web at the same time, but it’s not my biggest concern at the moment.  My biggest concern is who I have to bride to get me one of those iPads..