If this works the way it’s supposed to, it will revolutionize gaming even more than the Wii did. Nicknamed “Project Natal,” the device “uses cameras and a microphone mounted to a Wii-style sensor bar to detect the user,” according to a Fox News article. “It recognizes movements, talking, and can even tell the difference between me and my grandma.”

Even better than how cool this thing looks? Natal isn’t a brand new console- rather it’s an accessory add-on that will work with any Xbox 360!

While this seems absolutely amazing, you always have to wonder if it’ll work as well as the video makes it look.  Another point of concern that I thought about is what games will work best with it.  Obviously the video shows game shows, racing and other similar games on it, and that’s cool, but what about “hardcore” games, like Call of Duty or HALO? Will you have to fall flat to the floor and cover your head after “throwing” a grenade at the screen?

I can see this being really cool for families to get involved in gaming.  Kids will love getting to “really” control everything and parents and grandparents can get involved, even if they aren’t that video game-smart.

All this depends on the price though. The accessory is going to cost a pretty penny I’m sure, and that’s reasonable, but will all new games have to be bought? If I already have “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?” will I have to buy a Natal-ready version of that game? If Microsoft is able to get it so old games work with this new device, then it’ll easily be a big hit. But they won’t earn as much money that way, so I could see it only working with compatible games, which will be a shame if that happens.