At least we don't have to deal with these anymore! (photo from stock.xchng)

Remember the days of bulky, so-so quality video camcorders? You’d have to rewind the tapes (either regular size or mini), which could only hold few hours max, and the cameras were a pain to carry around.

Those days are gone with new Flip Camcorders.  This company has release five models of portable, HD camcorders that not only look cool, but can hold up to four hours of video (depending on the model).  While I personally haven’t tried these cameras out, I’ve heard a lot about them from teachers and friends and they seem really cool.

Out of the five styles of camcorders, three of them can be “designed” to have cool skins over them, with images from the company’s design gallery, a pattern generator or your own uploaded image. This feature is really cool I think, because skins are becoming really popular with cell phones and computers, as they allow users to show off their own personalities and flair.

There are a few downsides that I’ve noticed when looking at the specs for these cameras.  First off, while one of the cameras (the SlideHD) can record up to four hours of video, the other options are only two hours of video, minus the MinoHD 4GB model, which holds one hour worth of video.  Granted, this is still okay because users can just plug the camcorder into their computers and upload the film instantly, instead of using loads of tapes or mini-disks.

Another downside is the price.  While most electronics are expensive these days, and I’m sure it’s worth it, $279.99 for the top model seems a little much for me right now.  Considering iPod Nano’s now have a video feature, one that can hold up to 16 hours of footage, plus play music through MP3s or the FM tuner, all for only $179 (16GB).  Sure the quality on this isn’t as good, but I doubt the Flip Cam will be being used for professional footage anytime soon.

That being said, the Flip Cam does look very cool and I think it’d be very neat to have, especially for bloggers.  Video is being added to everything now, so having a portable, cool looking video camera would be really neat.  Maybe before I go to Australia I’ll pick one up…