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Few people know about a handful of new websites that are popping up on the web – YouTube to MP3 converters. These websites are designed to analyze and rip the audio off of YouTube videos simply by entering the videos URL link into their pages analyzer. In a few seconds the website automatically takes you to a second page where there is a link to download the audio file.

The uses for such content are as endless as the types of video content available on YouTube. The most popular use is a new way around copyright and anti-piracy laws. As the FCC continues to impose immense fines on average citizens for quote “stealing music” by downloading through 3rd party “peer-to-peer” software like Limewire and iMesh instead of purchasing the content through programs like iTunes, more people are looking for ways around the system – and this boys and girls, is it.

YouTube2mp3 Converter

Enter the URL of the video location into the space provided and the converter does the rest!

Now acquiring that new song you just heard on the radio for free is as simple as looking up it’s music video on YouTube, copying the URL from your browser navigation, and pasting it onto one of the easy converter websites, and let them do the rest. You can also get sound bites from your favorite movies, TV shows or commercials. If the video is on YouTube, the audio can be yours.

A simple Google search for “YouTube to MP3 converter” will lead you to several websites providing conversion of YouTube videos to links of their ripped audio. There are several that will drop the conversion half way through, be unable to locate the video, or that will convert it and make you buy something from a sponsoring website before you can download the ripped audio.

Firefox ad-on

This is what the YouTube2mp3 Firefox ad-on looks like when downloaded for free from

There are two main reliable pages that will convert for free and without the B.S. of needing to support their sponsors; Dirpy, and Video2mp3. Video2mp3 even has a free Firefox ad-on that when downloaded allows you to skip going to their website all together and convert right from the page with the YouTube video itself.

Whether you’re looking for a way to get free music to put on your iPod or content to make a ringtone with – ripping audio from YouTube videos for free is one new way around the system. The best part is that going through these sites you avoid the dangers of viruses and government tracking that peer-to-peer programs present.

So check out Dirpy and Video2mp3 for yourself and see what this best-kept net secret is all about. Thanks for reading – stay tuned for more High-Tech-Hype!

This Article Was Written By Josh Dimino of The College at Brockport SUNY.
Contact Josh at