Imagine this: Your computer just broke. You go out and buy a new laptop and go to download iTunes.  Suddenly you realize you can’t plug in your iPod without it erasing the music off it. What are you to do, besides rip your hair out in frustration?

This recently happened to me and I luckily found a great program to help me out (after scouring the Internet for about two hours). TouchCopy is a conversion program to help people get their music where it needs to be. After downloading and installing the program, plug in your iPod and open the program. You’ll then see something like this screen:

As you can see on mine, the bar at the top says “0 Demo Copies left”. The program allows you to copy 100 songs for free before requiring you to upgrade to a full version for $24.99. I had some of my music on an external hard drive, so I used this program to get the majority of the rest of the songs I wanted.

As you see at the top, the program lets your sort by genre, artist and album, making it easy to find your favorite song. After seeing that main screen, go through the list of songs at the bottom and click one that you want. After it’s highlighted, click “Copy to iTunes” (or to PC if you don’t use iTunes/want to manually add the songs to iTunes).

The song will the automatically be downloaded (showing a progress bar as you go) and ready for you to use! After you download a song, click “Items Copied” on the far left to see what songs you already did, as shown below:

Click on “Items to be Copied” to see what songs haven’t been transferred to your computer yet or click “Not in iTunes” to see what songs haven’t be added to your library.

Besides music, the program can also copy photos, your calendar and contacts for you. This is especially beneficial to people with the iPhone who want to back up their important information.

TouchCopy works not only as a transfer program, but as a music player as well.  As you’re copying your music, you can play your songs too! This comes in handy if you can’t remember the exact name of that song you love, but know you downloaded it.  Find a song you think may be in and just push play.

So if you’re in need of a lifesaving music transfer program like I was, check out TouchCopy. It does wonders and saves you the hassle of manipulating the files within the iPod file directory, something you don’t want to risk messing up.

Finally, if you need a step-by-step video instruction guide, I’ve posted TouchCopy’s version below. If not for the instructions, at least check out the cool British voice the lady has!