Thanks for checking out our blog. This page was created as a multi-part assignment for an Advanced Media Writing and Publications class at The College At Brockport SUNY.  We were paired up and shot around ideas of a subject we would like to blog. Since we are both communications majors with one of us specializing in broadcasting (Josh) and one of us in print journalism (Caitlin) – we both rely on technology every day in countless ways. With our slightly different concentrations, we come in contact with different forms of technology every day. Every college student in the 21st century is “wired-in” in ways that are far from conceivable even just 15 years ago.

We wanted to create this page to showcase interesting technology that is useful to those who are heavy on the tech content in their life. Everything from organization aids, to new or upcoming products, and not so well known freeware are all free game subjects that we will cover weekly.  Please check back often, and be patient with us as we get this blog off the ground.

We really hope that you find some of our articles useful, and you adopt even just 1 or 2 of the items we recommend and that they make your life easier in some way. Thanks again so much for stopping by.

Feel free to send us recommendations if you think you know of something that is a useful secret of the net, and we’d be happy to look into it for a future article.